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Campus Learning Communities

Exploring the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Symposia and other efforts. The 2020-21 theme is Goal 11

Earth Ethics Institute Miami Dade College Fostering Earth Literacy at Miami Dade College & beyond.

What is Earth Literacy?

Earth Literacy offers ever-greater understanding of the evolution of the Universe and the interconnectedness of all being. Rooted in evidence-based knowledge, this cosmological context informs a worldview, guides all fields of study, and inspires social change. Earth Literacy recognizes Earth as educator and honors the wisdom found in Earth systems as well as the mystery and numinous beauty within the Universe. Earth Literacy allows us to discover our role within the story of Earth and the Universe, transforming our beliefs and actions so as to create mutually-enhancing, sustainable, resilient relationships with Earth’s community of life. 

Read more here about Earth Literacy by Founder of Earth Ethics Institture McGregor "Mac" Smith

 Earth Literacy Notebook by Mac Smith

Earth Charter Principles



Systems Thinking


Food, water, energy & lifestyle