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Hialeah EnTec Tutoring: Introduction to C++ Programming

This LibGuide is the central hub for the EnTec tutor table of the Learning Commons at the Hialeah Campus. EnTec tutors provide tutoring for subjects such as Intro to Computer Tech & App, Intro to C++ Programming, JAVA Programming, Discrete Math, and more.

Suggested Reading

Intro to C++

Basics of C++

This tutorial series is designed for everyone: if you've never programmed before or if you have extensive experience programming in other languages and want to expand into C++! It is for everyone who wants the feeling of accomplishment from a working program.


C++ Tutorial

C++ is a powerful general purpose programming language that you can use to do just about anything with a computer. With this tutorial, you'll learn C++ from a pro, going step-by-step from the basics of programming, taught in C++, to advanced concepts like pointers, classes, templates, and more.