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Pests are considered insects that can cause damage to your plant by feeding on the plant or spreading harmful fungi and bacteria that can affect the health and vitality of a plant. Some pests are too small for the human eye to detect, but their presence can be detected by looking out for any unusual changes in a plant such a curling leaves, drooping, dropping numerous leaves, or soft-mushy stems, among other anomalies. Familiarizing yourself with the various plant pests will help you identify signs of their presence on a plant. 

Common Plant Pests

Fungus gnats



Scale Insect


Spider Mites

Solutions to Plant Pests

Beneficial insects are one of the best solutions for eliminating pests from plants. Beneficial insects will prey upon pests by eating them or infecting the pests with a parasite that will then feed upon the host pest. These insects will not feed on plants, thus providing a non-chemical method of pest control. Some beneficial insects are specialized in the type of pest they will eat, while others are generalist and will eat any insects they come across. Identify the pest that is plaguing the plant and then seek out a beneficial insect that will help to resolve the pest problem. 

Insecticidal Soaps

Chemical Pesticide

Neem Oil