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Dream a Little Green Campaign

2024 Theme: Propagating Our Future


This year's theme for the Dream a Little Green Campaign is Propagating Our Future, where we focus on the benefits of plants for our health while also learning about wildlife, agriculture, sustainability, and entrepreneurship, and how these uplift people and communities, especially in South Florida. 

The Benefits of Green

This spring and summer, MDC’s Learning Resources department will focus on plant care to support wellness and success for our students, faculty, and staff. Interacting with plants provides many mental and physical health benefits. Plant care can help humans balance the stress that comes with mental work and constant technology usage1. For example, during COVID-19 lockdown and isolation, people tending home vegetable gardens improved their self-regulation2.

Intentionally looking at green plants for short periods of time has been shown to reduce stress, anxiety and tension in adults3. In light of the research correlating plant care with wellness, Learning Resources will conduct workshops and events to support more intentional interaction with plants. This Libguide provides resources and general information about plant care. Check the Plant Events tab for upcoming workshops and events.


Uplifting Our Community

Aside from the wonderful mental and physical benefits, plants play a critical role in our society as they are at the center of everything we consume-- food, medicine, clothing, building materials, and other natural products. They do not only sustain us but our communities, especially those that are known for their rich agriculture, like Homestead. 

1 Lee, M., Lee, J., Park, B., & Miyazaki, Y. (2015). Interaction with indoor plants may reduce psychological and physiological stress by suppressing autonomic nervous system activity in young adults: A randomized crossover study. Journal of Physiological Anthropology, 34(21), 1–6.

2 Sofo, A. & Sofo, A. (2020). Converting home spaces into food gardens at the time of Covid-19 quarantine: All the benefits of plants in this difficult and unprecedented period. Human Ecology: an Interdisciplinary Journal, 48(2), 131–139.

3 Jeong, J. & Park, S.-A. (2021). Physiological and psychological effects of visual stimulation with green plant types. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18(24), 1-12.




Ken Alvarez

MDC Homestead, Learning Resources

305 237 5163