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Repository of Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship (RUNS)

About the Award

What is the RUNS Award?

MDC Benjamin Leon School of Nursing bachelor’s-level students from the Medical Campus are required to produce written scholarly assignments to demonstrate competency of nursing career knowledge. In the Advanced Nursing Concepts Practicum (NUR4945C) class, students were tasked to craft a process improvement paper which could be implemented at a health care facility or system. The best papers from NUR4945C from the Fall 2022 term were selected by their professors and then submitted to a panel of writing support assistants from the Medical Campus, and the top student writers received the Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship Award.


After the anonymized papers were scored using a common rubric, two papers were tied for first place. In first place, the winners were M. Claudia Moran and Mariana Sanchez. Both students are in the cohort of Baptist Health Scholars. Claudia and Mariana were also recognized at the Nursing Pinning Ceremony on December 12, which took place at the Kendall Campus. They are both receiving a check for $450 for their scholarly work. These monetary awards were sponsored by a professional grant by the National Library of Medicine Region 2.

Award Winners

Who are the winners of the RUNS award?

The results for Fall 2022 are below. Click on the student for their bio and photo to find out more about the winners. You can also read their work.

M. Claudia Moran, MDC Benjamin Leon School of Nursing Graduate and Baptist Health Scholar:

Mariana Sanchez, MDC Benjamin Leon School of Nursing Graduate and Baptist Health Scholar: