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Podcasting: Podcasting in the Classroom

Scaffolded Assignments

Team Proposal

Students submit a proposal (as a group or individual) where they describe the initial idea of the podcast and the first episode. The proposal assignment can include guiding questions the students should answer. Review the Planning & Writing tab to see some ideas about finding a niche and creating a focus statement.  Buzzsprout also has a step-by step resource about developing your podcast concept

Team Charter

If students will be working in teams, a team charters provides them with the autonomy to agree upon the roles and responsibilities in the project. Having the document signed by all team members provides accountability and clarity regarding the project. Team charters can include:

  • Selected topic
  • Roles & Responsibilities (host, researcher, script writer, editor, etc.)
  • Back-up roles
  • Communication methods & protocols
  • Sanctions for violation of agreement

Script Template

Podcast scripts are similar to speech outlines. They help to keep students on topic, provides them with context regarding how long the episode will take to record, and is an opportunity for them to develop their voice before sitting down to record an episode. Podcast scripts have a beginning, middle, and end just like any other storytelling medium. Additionally, the script should include show notes such as sound effects and music that needs to be communicated to the editor of the episode. 

The script is also where students can cite and document the sources that they will use for their podcast episode. 

Example Grading Rubric

This grading rubric was developed for a general psychology course. The rubric can be adapted and remixed to many general education and upper division courses across the disciplines at MDC. The assessment rubric is in PDF format for you to view and download. 

MDC Digital Commons

Digital Commons

Miami Dade College’s Digital Commons is a repository used to showcase student and faculty research, scholarship, and creative works. Submit your podcast episode to be archived within the Digital Commons. Once you have an RSS link to your podcast, you can share your episode or podcast series from the hosting platform you have selected. 

You can also reach out to your campus librarian for assistance with getting your podcast episode archived in the digital commons.