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Radiography: Applications

This guide provides a one-stop, comprehensive place to go for all of your information needs.


Learning Resources Radiography (X-Ray Technologist)

The following applications are available on the computers at the Medical Campus Library:

Radiographic Techniques
  • Basics of Digital Imaging
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Digital Image Quality
  • Exposure to Digital IRs
  • Image Acquisition Challenge
  • PatientCare
  • Physics Challenge
  • Practical Computed Radiography
  • Radiation Protection
  • Radiographic Contrast
  • Radiographic Density
  • Radiographic Quality
  • Radiographic Procedures
  • Recorded Detail & Distortion
  • SimRad Exams
  • Spatial Resolution
Radiography Positioning

Abdomen Decubitus

Mobile Chest
Abdomen Supine Mobile Orthopedic
Abdomen Upright Myelography
AC Joints Nasal Bones
Ankle Orbits
Arthrography Paranasal Sinuses
Barium Enema Patella
Calcaneus Pelvis
C-Arm Procedure Radiography for the Pediatric Patient
Cervical Spine Ribs
Chest AP (Wheelchair or Stretcher) Sacrum and/or Coccyx
Chest Lateral Decubitus SC Joints
Chest Routine Scapula
Clavicle Scoliosis Series
Cross-Table Lateral Hip Shoulder
Cross-Table Lateral Spine Skull
Cystography Small Bowel Series
Elbow Sternum
ERCP Surgical C-Arm Procedure (manipulation around a sterile field)
Esophagus Temporomandibular Joints
Facial Bones Thoracic Spine
Femur Thumb or Finger
Foot Tibia-Fibula
Forearm Toes
Hand Trauma: Lower Extremity
Hip Trauma: Shoulder
Humerus Trauma: Upper Extremity (Non-shoulder)
Intravenous Urography Upper Airway (Soft-Tissue Neck)
Knee Upper GI Series (Single or Double Contrast)
Lumbar Spine Wrist
Mandible Zygomatic Arches
Mobile Abdomen