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Kendall Impact: Faculty Changemaking


Many faculty members in MDC have interests that may help you realize your changemaking goals. If you are interested in participating in changemaking and would like to contact a  specific faculty member for assistance or guidance, feel free to reach out to those listed below


Social Sciences

Jose Guntin, Mental Health Wellness, Suicide Prevention and Mental Health First Aid

Stuart Williams, World Peace and Humanitarian

Vellisse Grimes, Business Contextualization of SLS1106

Emilia Goodfriend, Self-Care Project for the Women at the Lotus House

Art & Philosophy

John Frazier, Humanitarian

Ray Morales, Food Insecurities and the Arts

School of Business

Rah Ahsan, Bachelors in Supervision and Management

Richard Sarabia, Bachelor’s in Supply Chain and Management


World Languages

Anouchka Rachelson, Environment and Sustainability

Theresa Chormanski, Landscape Technology Program

Architecture & Design

Amarjeet Sawhney, World Peace Studies

Lyle Culver, Building Communities

Faculty and Passion Curriculum