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Humanities HUM 1020: Books

For Professor Sarah Garman's HUM 1020 classes


Search the library catalog for books: Primo.

Library of Congress Classification

Books are arranged in the library according to the Library of Congress Classification.  Each book has a call number, which is derived from this classification. 

Library of Congress Classification
A - General Works M -  Music
B - Philosophy, Psychology (BF), Religion N - Fine Arts
C - Auxiliary Sciences of History P - Language and Literature
D - History (General and European) Q - Science
E - History: America R - Medicine
F - History: America S - Agriculture
G - Geography T - Technology
H - Social Sciences U - Military Science

J - Political Science  

V - Naval Science
K - Law Z - Bibliography, Library Science
L - Education

 ~ Click the following link for the detailed Library of Congress Classification Outline.

eBook Databases

Search for ebooks in the following databases. If prompted to log in, enter your MDC username and password.