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Humanities HUM 1020: Articles & Databases

For Professor Sarah Garman's HUM 1020 classes


Search the MDC Library databases to find news, magazine and journal articles, reference materials, streaming films, art images, and music. Check out some of the specific databases listed on this page, or click on "Library databases" in the left box to see the entire list of databases, including subject-specific databases.

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A Note About Peer Review

Scholarly journal articles are written by and for scholars and professionals in a given field.  Some scholarly journals are peer-reviewed.  Peer review refers to the process an article goes through before it can be published.  Instead of the journal editor alone deciding whether or not to publish a certain article, the article must first be reviewed and judged by other peers (experts in the field).  The journal editor then takes into consideration the recommendations of the peer reviewers before deciding whether to publish the article in the journal.

Search Art Images and Music

Get Started with Search Terms

  • arts
  • humanities
  • artists
  • change agents
  • changemakers
  • social change
  • movement
  • transform
  • empower
  • society
  • aesthetics
  • activist
  • activism
  • social issues
  • social responsibility
  • social justice
  • social issue
  • political
  • cause
  • painting
  • drawing
  • sculpture
  • collage
  • installation
  • performance art
  • photography
  • spoken word
  • play
  • music
  • dance