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Humanities HUM 1020 - UNSDGs: SDG's and the Arts

Art as an Agent of Social Change

Art as an agent of social change

Public Art & the SDGs

The graffiti art on sustainable development goals has arrived

Check out how graffiti is being used to promote the SDGs in Mongolia here and here.


Cities around the world are using public art to educate people about the SDGs. Check out Philadelphia.

Read about Malta's different approach to embracing sustainable development goals through the creative arts.

Museums and SDG's


Written by Henry McGhieMuseums and the Sustainable Development Goals is a free, how-to guide for museums, galleries, the cultural sector and their partners. It is intended to help empower museums (small, large and of any kind, anywhere), museum workers, museum networks and their partners to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

#Create 2030 on Engaging Artists in Meeting the SDGs

SDGs Brought to Life Through Performance Art

Culture & the SDGs


"Culture is who we are, and what shapes our identity. Placing culture at the heart of development policies is the only way to ensure a human-centered, inclusive and equitable development."

View Culture at the heart of the SDGs (UNESCO)

and Culture and the Sustainable Development Goals: A Guide for Local Action (with pointers for cities).

The Global Institute on Arts and Leadership

The Global Institute Arts and Leadership

Twenty Thirty Network


"Arts Twenty Thirty advocates for the use of artists' creativity to communicate the SDGs and inspire global audiences to take action towards a more sustainable future."Visit their About page for more information on the organization. Click here for information about their individual artists. 



EcoArt documents and promotes the global contemporary green art movement. Check out the EcoArt database of art and artists and the EcoArt Observatory, a digital content aggregator of projects from different sources.  

Curating Cities


The Curating Cities database maps the field of eco-sustainable public art with descriptions of each project. 

Why Art Has the Power to Change the World

Million Artist Movement