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Gordon Rule

Gordon Rule Committee Chairs 

Victor Calderin
Associate Professor of English, Hialeah Campus
Phone: (305) 237-8839

Glenda Phipps
Chair Comm, Arts & Philosophy, Padrón Campus
Phone: (305) 237-6049

Gordon Rule Writing Committee

Appointment and Membership

The Committee will be appointed annually by the Provost for Academic and Students Affairs based on recommendations from the Academic Leadership Council with a Student Services representative recommended by the Student Deans Council.

  • Generally, the membership will consist of six fulltime faculty, two department chairs, an Academic Dean, a Student Services representative, and representatives from the District offices of Education and Institutional Research.
  • Other members may be appointed by the Provost as deemed necessary by the Provost in consultation with the Academic Leadership Council. 
  • The appointments will take into account committee continuity as well as reasonable representation from the Gordon Rule Writing (GRW) disciplines and the MDC campuses as well as gender and ethnic diversity. 
Primary Responsibility 

The primary responsibility of the Gordon Rule Writing Committee is to assist the Provost for Academic and Student Affairs, the appropriate discipline groups, the Academic Leadership Council, and the Student Deans Council in assuring that the State-mandated Gordon Rule Writing requirements are met and that the related MDC guidelines are followed. To meet that responsibility, the Committee will accomplish the following tasks:

  • To review, in conjunction with the appropriate discipline group, GRW course proposals, competencies, and syllabi. Any discipline group proposing a GRW course will submit the course proposal, competencies, and syllabus to the Gordon Rule Writing Committee. The Committee will review the proposal and will provide initial suggestions and recommendations to the proposing discipline and discipline group. The discipline group will provide a final copy of the course proposal to the Committee prior to consideration by the Academic Leadership Council. The Committee will make a formal recommendation to the Academic Leadership Council with a copy to the discipline group regarding the viability of the course as meeting the GRW guidelines.
  • To review a proposed discipline-specific rubric. The process above will be followed.
  • To assess the effectiveness of GRW courses. The Committee and Institutional Research in conjunction with the GRW discipline groups will design the assessment process and will analyze and distribute the data/findings to the discipline groups and to the Academic Leadership Council. As appropriate, the Committee will provide recommendations to the GRW discipline groups and to the Academic Leadership Council.
  • To periodically review and assess the effectiveness of GRW resources (such as campus and student services, support services, computer access and software), GRW guidelines, and GRW rubrics (college-wide and discipline-specific) and to report on such assessment with recommendations to the GRW disciplines and to the Academic Leadership Council.
  • To serve as a resource for Gordon Rule Writing faculty and discipline groups. The Committee in consultation with GRW discipline groups and with CT&D will develop CT&D workshops and other activities to assist faculty in strengthening student success in GRW courses.