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Common Reading

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The Common Reading Experience

The goal of a common reading experience is to foster a sense of community and provide a dynamic and fulfilling learning experience.

A common reading program is structured for first year students to start a common dialogue among the campus community. This experience helps students transition into college by being a part of a network of readers and participating in guided academic discussions and social activities.

Book Selection

Books are carefully reviewed and selected by the Hialeah Campus Common Reading taskforce which consists of Academic Affairs, Student Affairs, and Learning Resources members. Books are chosen based on availability, length, cost, and the timely and relevant topics and themes discussed.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students are encouraged to see themselves as global citizens and pursue lifelong learning.
  • Inspire an empathetic and equitable learning experience.
  • Build community across campus.
  • Foster diverse perspectives and critical thinking skills.
  • Learn to apply active reading strategies.
  • Establish academic expectations foundational to the college experience.