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ECO 2013-Macroeconomics-Prof. Larios: Streaming Videos

Streaming Video Databases

Films on Demand            


The Films On Demand database contains videos from a number of highly regarded producers such as ABC News, BBC, Bill Moyers, CNBC, Frontline, NBC, PBS, and TED.

Kanopy offers videos from leading producers such as FORA TV, TV Choice, Kanatola Productions, California Newsreel, Media Education Foundation, PBS, Star Thrower, and Enterprise Media. Business Skills is among the many subject areas covered in this database.

The Swank database contains a small but growing collection of popular feature films.


How to Log In: You might be prompted for one of the following two login options when entering a database.

  • If asked for your Miami Dade College account, log in with your MDC username and password.
  • If asked for a Borrower ID and Password/PIN, your borrower ID is your MDC student ID number, and your Password/PIN is the last 4 digits of your MDC student ID number.

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