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Distinction in STEM Scholastic Leadership


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Emmanuella Franck

STEM Grant Manager



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The STEM AISLE project intends to increase the enrollment, retention, success, and completion of minorities and female students in STEM programs, with a special focus on engineering and technology students, and to improve their employability upon graduation. This program will improve the academic, professional, and “soft-skills” of STEM students through tutoring, research experiences, service-learning, internships, e-portfolios, advisement/mentoring, a career speaker series, and financial literacy workshops. High achieving and motivated undergraduates who fulfill specific activities will earn the right to graduate with the Distinction in STEM Scholastic Leadership (DSSL) that will be reflected on the official undergraduate transcript.  Additionally, DSSL scholars will be honored with an illustrious graduation chord, signifying their distinction, to wear at commencement.


  1. Be an active degree seeking MDC student.
  2. Complete ≥ 24 credits in college level STEM courses for AA seeking students or ≥48 credits in college level STEM courses for BS students.
  3. Must hold an overall GPA ≥3.0 at the time of graduation.



  1. Complete one: Internship/apprenticeship/shadowing.
    • Minimum of 6 weeks.
    • Must be performed under the mentorship of a professional in a recognized field related to the student’s scholastic and
      professional goals.
  2. Complete one of the following choices to increase knowledge of STEM careers.
    • Attend ≥ 2 STEM related speaker events on campus each year.
    • Participate in ≥1 job fair or articulation information session each year.



  1. Complete one of the following options to contribute to the STEM community.
    • Serve as a tutor, learning assistant, or lab assistant in a gateway course for STEM programs.
      • These may include: CHM 1025, CHM 1045, MAC 1105, MAC 1147,COP 1334C/1047C, CAP 1990C.
      • Students must record >30 hours of tutoring in a qualifying course during a single semester.
    • Students must perform >25 hours of community service.
      • Hours will be reported and tracked through iCED.
      • Hours must be STEM related.
  2. Participate in STEM themed activities at MDC.
    • Assist during the STEM Expo held each early spring.
    • Attend ≥3 STEM events online/ campus such as speaker events.



  1. Social Belonging (1 workshop & 1 Tour)
    • Social belonging workshop
    • Tour a four-year institution: a first-hand introduction to educational opportunities.
  2. Academic Skills (≥1 workshop)
    • 1 Study skills workshop
    • 1 Writing workshop
    • 1 Scientific literacy interpretation / Data analysis
    • 1 Academic advisement session each year
  3. Professional Skills (≥1 workshop)
    • 1 Public speaking / presentation workshops
    • 1 Resume writing workshop
    • 1 Professional etiquette workshop
    • 1 Interview skills workshop
    • 1 Career advisement session each year after joining the STEM AISLE program
  4. Financial Literacy skills (≥1 workshops)
    • 1 Scholarship seeking and writing
    • 1 Completion of FAFSA form
    • 1 Budget
    • 1 Financial planning
    • 1 Work study



Maintain written documentation and reflection papers to all program related experiences as part of an e-portfolio and/or hardcopy portfolio. Each student who wishes to earn a Distinction in STEM Scholastic Leadership will complete a written reflection paper or more detailed report upon completing each of the required activities. All portfolios will be reviewed by members of the MDC staff and faculty to determine whether the candidate has fulfilled the requirements of the program. All students that wish to apply for the Distinction in STEM Scholastic Leadership must place a request for a review of their portfolio 4 weeks prior to graduation date.

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