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Artificial Intelligence for Business Innovation and Sustainability (AIBIS): Professor Loubeau's Students

This guide provides relevant and appropriate resources regarding artificial intelligence in a variety of business functions and operations.

Student Projects

EZ-Reserve is a mid-sized auto rental company that plans to develop its own in-house developed application called ez-reserv.  The technology driving this application is artificial intelligence.

EZ Reserve

EZ Reserve PowerPoint

Capstone Car Rental Title Slide. Presenters: Paola Baez, Kathryn Borek, Madeina Charon, Carlos Millian, Ramon SanchezConcept slide explain the model of the car rental experience and use of AI. Services and features slide of the car rental company.Data slide number 1. Presents data on the company and research on external factors. Data slide number 2.  Type of data for chatbot and the type of model car, using the Gaussian mixture model algorithm.Training the model slide. Provides information on training the model and data it uses to give suggestions. Managing the model slide.  Information on analysis from data collecting from AI and users.Maintaining and monitoring slide.  Provides information on testing on a focus group soliciting information and ongoing maintenance. Challenges and solutions slide.  Presents information on some of the inherent challenges such as privacy concerns as well as user preferences.  Challenges and solutions slide number 2. Presents some additional challenges such as legal issues and servicing of vehicles.  Budgeting slides.  Presents information budgets and expenses of the company.  Revenue slide. Provides information on potential revenue in the first year. Conclusion slide.  Discusses the customer benefit from the experience of using the application.Thank you slide.References slide with citations.