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Artificial Intelligence for Business Innovation and Sustainability (AIBIS): Professor Sarabia's Students

This guide provides relevant and appropriate resources regarding artificial intelligence in a variety of business functions and operations.

Student Projects

A.I. & Perfect Supply Chain Title Slide provides an artificial intelligence program to run warehouse operations and logistics.

A.I. & The Perfect Supply Chain

A.I. and the Perfect Supply Chain-A Home Depot Review PowerPoint

A.I. & Perfect Supply Chain Title SlideTopic Slide. Presents how to achieve supply-chain, and time efficiency. Key Terms slide.  Slide has the key terms for the project such as artificial intelligence, supply chain, and efficiency.Slide presenting the proportion of online revenue from Home Depot and Lowe'sSlide presenting information about suppliers in the industry.  This is a slide presenting information on the manufacturing aspect of the business. This slide presents graphics on logistics and route plan optimization.  The slide has information on inventory information. Information on real-time location and inventory levels to total cost. Slide providing information on asset protection, such compliance to predictive analytics.  This slide provides information and graphics about in-bound freight.  The slide provides a chart with demographics on ownership of smart home in the United States. This slide discusses sustainability in supply chain. This is the conclusion slide and summarizes of the project. Thank you slide. Reference and works cite page.