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Alma: Replacing Old Mango Links

This guide provides information about Alma ILS and Primo VE, the new library catalog, for faculty and staff. This guide includes training and information on how to replace broken links, searching the catalog, and more!

Method 1: Using the Link Replacer


Enter your old Mango permalink in the first box and click the "Convert Button" below to automatically generate the new Primo VE permalink. Please note that this tool only works with links that begin with "".


1. You may paste multiple links at the same time as long as they are separated in a new line by pressing enter after each link.
2. This tool only converts permalinks to items in the catalog or to some databases in the catalog. All other links will be ignored, removed, or flagged as invalid.
3. Links copied and pasted directly from the top of the address bar are not supported.
4. Permalinks to items in the catalog will always be sorted first and will appear at the top of the converted results, while permalinks to databases in the catalog will be sorted second.
5. All links must begin with either HTTP or HTTPS.

Old Mango Permalink(s):

New Primo VE permalink(s):

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Contact the developer at for assistance.

Version 1.3.
Last Updated on 8/29/21.