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BAS Business-Library Resources: Open Educational Resources (OER)

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This page contains links to freely available textbooks, journals, video tutorials, and other materials related to business.

For general information on Open Educational Resources (OER), see the following websites:​

Open Textbook Collections

Open Educational Resources

Open Textbooks

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What are the impacts of adopting OER?

What Are the Impacts of Adopting OER?

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Other OER lists

Many universities have research guides related to finding OER and provide lists of various repositories and resources.

Simon Fraser University

University of British Columbia

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

British Columbia Institute of Technology

University of Victoria

1. Stock Wars-Virtual Investing

Simulation is based on real market trends and users are provided with some virtual money, and they have to put that money to the market that runs similar trends as those of real market.

2.  World Bank Data Finder

The DataFinder app is available to users on major mobile platforms and in four different languages. The application is handy in accessing national, regional, and global data. It also inculcates policy data related to several areas of the education system. App users can access data based on several parameters such as topic, indicator, and country. Data is available in various forms such as tables, charts, or maps.

3. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is freely available on Google Play Store and it is famous because of its accurate delivery of financial reports and classy articles, analysis, and international financial markets data.

4.  Stock Market HD

This mobile application was initially designed for investors, but with time it became handy for economists too. It provides them information related to stock prices and ups & downs in the share market. The unique feature about this app is that one can access the history of stocks of any company.

5.  Quickbooks

One reason many people do not pursue a business degree is because of the math.  For those brave enough to enter the realm of Accounting and Finance 101, Quickbooks is here to help on both iOS and Android.  Even for a simple group project, Quickbooks will help manage and organize your last-minute falsified financial data, and provide a great visual representation of where the money is going.  Not only is it superior to Excel but it is also a great tool to learn for real world application once you graduate.

6.  The Decision App

This app is designed to make companies and products identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats, both internally and throughout the market.  The Decision App helps you grow your strategic thinking skills by allowing you to plot points on a graph and transform them into a visual representation.  The app comes complete with some of the best strategic model templates and allows you to send the finished model as a PDF, picture, or editable document.

7.  Elevatr

This app is a  note-taking app that is broken down into business categories such as target market, brand identity, distribution channels and many more.  The app formats information into a simple business plan, making it easy for sharing.  It is a great tool for organizing thoughts, especially for young entrepreneurs.

8.  Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a beautiful to-do list app that is available on iOS, Android, Web, Mac and PC.  Don’t let its simplicity fool you; the app packs a punch. It is customizable, user-friendly and allows for collaboration on tasks.  It’s a great tool to keep track of assignments and due dates, especially for group projects.

9.  Dropbox

Dropbox is the file storage app that could save you from a mental breakdown.  It is a cross-platform app which allows you to safely and securely store all your files in the cloud, giving you access to them on all your devices.  It’s better than e-mailing the file to yourself and more convenient than keeping track of a flash drive, of which I’ve lost three.