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BAS Business-Library Resources: Overview of Collection

Overview of Library Liaison Approach


Bachelor of Applied Science

Supervision & Management & Supply Chain Management

Library Liaison Shamsha Karim


Library liaisons work closely with the discipline faculty to make sure that they are given the opportunity to select materials and services that best fit the needs of the curriculum. Each liaison works in a college-wide capacity. Whether it is by attending the discipline meetings, working with a small group of professors to review a database, or attending a national conference, library liaisons have the expertise needed in the field to support the changing needs of the discipline and support student success.

Contact the Liaison Librarian:

Phone Number 1-305-237-2295

Collection Development Survey

Your participation in library collection development is encouraged and appreciated. If you teach accounting at MDC, please consider completing this brief survey that will help identify accounting subject areas in the library collection that need to be strengthened. The survey also provides the opportunity for you to recommend the purchase of specific materials to support your discipline.

Overview of the Bachelor of Applied Science Programs in Business

School of Global Business

At Miami Dade College, BAS Business students and faculty have access to:

  • 1,000+ eBooks related to the BAS programs
  • 12 databases with relevant content
  • 430+ print titles
  • and a rich information literacy program that includes embedded librarians

Each tab within this guide provides the faculty, administrators and the MDC community with the latest information about every type of material or service that make up the current collection and resources.  Working with the library liaison, faculty within the discipline now have the information they need to create an up-to-date instructional program. 

Libraries are rapidly changing environments.  For this reason, an overview is provided for each type of information collected by the College so that faculty can make the most informed choice about what resources to use in the classroom.

Regardless of the format, information in the following subjects are collected to support the following programs:

Supervision & Management (Bachelor of Applied Science) – P9200

The Bachelor of Applied Science degree with a major in Supervision and Management provides an opportunity for students completing an associate's degree to seamlessly complete a bachelor's degree. Graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in Supervision and Management will be prepared with the abilities and skills needed to succeed as a manager or supervisor in the dynamic and global business environment. The Bachelor of Applied Science with a major in Management and Supervision prepares graduates with the hands-on training necessary to meet workforce demands.

Supply Chain Management (Bachelor of Applied Science) – P9300

The Bachelor of Applied Science with a degree in Supply Chain Management provides knowledge to the supply chain and explores the risks, logistics, economics, regulatory issues, resource allocation, production planning, inventory management and other functions basic to business. Due to globalization of business, graduates in this field can find employment within the supply chain, logistics and transportation fields. Graduates can work as specialists, analysts and supervisors in the areas of logistics, warehousing management, transportation management, operations and production management, purchasing, inventory control and customer service management.