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Florida Civic Literacy Exam Resources Guide: Competency Three

Founding Documents

Students should be able to recall, identify, and explain documents from the founding era (1776-1791). Students should be able to identify the influences of earlier documents on the founding of the United States and conceptions of government within a provided context. Note that most documents are covered by the state K-12 civics and U.S. government benchmarks. Click the hyperlinks for relevant CPALMS references where applicable.

Competency Three Workshop Slides

Declaration of Independence


Interactive Timeline
The Constitution of Massachusetts 1780
The Northwest Ordinances 1784, 1785, 1787
Federalist Papers

Student Study Goals

a. Students should be able to recall authors and central arguments of the listed papers; other Federalist papers may potentially be included, but context will be provided.

i. Ideas and Principles that Shape the United States as a Constitutional Republic

ii. Arguments in Favor of Ratification of the United States Constitution

Bill of Rights 1791

Please Note: This information is provided by the FDOE Supplemental Guide for the Florida Civic Literacy Exam