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Florida Civic Literacy Exam Resources Guide: Competency Four


Students should be able to recall, identify, and explain landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases, landmark legislation, and executive actions. They should also be able to explain their impact on law and society. Most landmark cases, legislation, and executive actions are drawn from Florida’s K-12 civics, U.S. government, and U.S. history course content.

Competency Four Workshop Slides

Landmark Legislation 
Conflicts and Compromises
Territorial Expansion & Structure of Government 
Civil Rights & Liberties 
Social Programs 
Enviornmental Protections 
Presidental War Powers 
Supreme Court Cases
Executive Actions 
Foreign Policy 
Territorial Expansion 
Civil Rights & Liberties 

Please note that this overview does not include all executive actions that could be assessed; rather, it covers the types of executive actions that students might see on the FCLE. Most landmark executive actions will have appeared in the 7th grade civics, 9th-12th grade U.S. government, or 8th and 9th-12th grade U.S. history course content.