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Finn-Con@MDC: Anime & Gaming Expo at MDC North

Annual FREE Anime & Gaming Convention at Miami Dade College on Saturday, 6/15/24, from 1PM - 9PM!

Anime & Game Concert

Experience music performed by a live orchestra synchronized with special effects featuring music from Halo, DBZ, Metal Gear Solid, Smash Bros., Hollow Knight, Chrono Cross, SAO, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and more! Concert starts at 7PM in the Lehman Theater!


Interest Booths & Tables

Meet your favorite voice actors, artists, and more. Check out a variety of different booths for all ages throughout the day! Check out our Interactive Map for more information and exact locations & times.


Escape Room

Do you have what it takes? Attempt to break out of this challenging Harry Potter themed escape room with a group of wizarding friends as you visit Dumbledore's Office! Located in the Library.


Virtual Reality Expeditions

Explore, learn, and be entertained in virtual reality. Step into virtual worlds and experience exciting fully immersive virtual reality adventures while becoming the hero of your own VR experience. Located in room 2102-8.

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance to your favorite DDR tracks using Step Mania, inspired by the original music video game produced by Konami. Achieve high scores by following the on-screen arrows and move to the beat of the song! Located in the Library.


Invented in Japan, Karaoke is an immersive, interactive musical experience that will have everyone from the most seasoned singer to the shower yodeler and all of their friends clapping, dancing, and singing along. Located in the Studio Theater.


K-Pop Dancing

Korean Pop Music often features dancing that is usually performed with a lot of energy and passion. This is what makes it so fun to watch and learn! Come by and show us your dancing skill and have some fun! Located in the Studio Theater.

Panels & Live Performances

Learn more about Japanese, Anime, and Gaming culture by attending various workshops, game shows, and panels offered throughout the day in room 2151 & 2158. Enjoy live music, magic shows, and more at the Studio Theater and outside of building 5.


Arcades & Retro Games

Do you remember the N64? PS2? GameCube? Get a blast from the past at our arcades and retro console gaming area, brought to your by Flynn's Gaming! Play alone or play with a buddy and challenge your gaming skills.

RPG & Tabletop Games

Begin your adventure! Gather your friends to vanquish mighty monsters, embark on epic quests, and tell legendary stories filled with fantasy and fun. Enjoy card games, hidden role games, bolt action, and more! Located in the Library.


Ghost Buster Group

Learn the science of making slimes to squish, stretch, poke, and play with. Tips on how to safely make and play with slime, and advice for preserving your creations and troubleshooting common problems. Located in the Library, Room 2101.


Scavenger Hunts

Use clues to find hidden treasure at Finn-Con@MDC. The first adventurer to find the treasure, will receive a special reward! Start your quest at the Giveaways & Scavenger Hunt Table located inside the library!

"Big" Games

Play some of your favorite classic games like Chess, Jenga, Tic-Tac-Toe, Connect 4, and more in monumental style with our gigantic game sets! They're fun for the whole family to enjoy! Located in Building 5, Arts & Crafts/Kids Area.


Mask Making

Sometimes known as a Japanese cat mask, a kitsune masks represent the fox spirit in Shinto ritual practices, Japanese festivals, plays, movies, anime, and more. Join us to create your own kitsune mask. Located in Building 5, Arts & Crafts/Kids Area.


Face Painting

Stop by our face painting booth and let your imagination run wild. Its easy to transform into your favorite anime and video game characters. Don’t worry the paint comes off with a little soap and water. Located in Building 5, Arts & Crafts/Kids Area.