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Finn-Con@MDC: Anime & Gaming Expo at MDC North

Annual FREE Anime & Gaming Convention at Miami Dade College on Saturday, 6/15/24, from 1PM - 9PM!

Join us in helping heal sick children by playing popular video games by competing against other players in tournaments. All proceeds from tournament registration donations will be used to support Nicklaus Children's Hospital via the Extra Life charity program, which is hosted in collaboration with Genshiken, MDC North's Anime & Gaming student organization.

View Your Scores Online and Keep Track of Tournaments Via:

How do I participate in the tournaments?

  1. On the day of the event (6/15/24), you will be able to register at the registration table in the Computer Courtyard, Room 2102. Donate any amount of your choosing to our local children’s hospital via the Extra Life website by clicking the donate button below.
  2. Proceed to the tournament station you selected.
  3. Play fair, follow the rules set by the moderator, as well as below, and have fun!
  4. The top players from the finals will receive a prize.

Moderator 1: David Fernandez
Moderator 2: Jordy Martinez-Garcia
Moderator 3: TBA
Tournament Rules

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo Switch

Gaming icons clash in the ultimate brawl. Smash rivals off the stage as new characters Simon Belmont and King K. Rool join Inkling, Ridley, and every fighter in Super Smash Bros. history. Enjoy enhanced speed and combat at new stages based on the Castlevania series, Super Mario Odyssey, and more! Plus, new echo fighters Dark Samus, Richter Belmont, and Chrom join the battle.

Moderator 1: Juan Buitrago
Moderator 2: Christopher Matthews
Tournament Rules

Mario Kart Deluxe 8

Nintendo Switch

Hit the road with the definitive version of Mario Kart 8 and race your friends or battle them in a revised battle mode on new and returning battle courses. The Inklings appear as all-new guest characters, along with returning favorites, such as King Boo, Dry Bones, and Bowser Jr.!

Moderator: Jonathan Phillips
Tournament Rules

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Playstation 4

The latest opus in the acclaimed STORM series is taking you on a colorful and breathtaking ride. Take advantage of the totally revamped battle system and prepare to dive into the most epic fights you’ve ever seen in the NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM series! In NARUTO SHIPPUDEN™: Ultimate Ninja® STORM 4, a broad set of Ninja Skills will be yours to use against the fiercest foes you’ll ever encounter. Massive attacks in the form of secret techniques, energetic evolutions with the “Awakening”, the inimitable shurikens & kunais and a unique playstyle for each ninja! Prepare for the most awaited STORM game ever created!

Moderator: Joseph Guerra
Tournament Rules

League of Legends

Microsoft Windows / macOS

Recently recognized as the most played video game in the world. League of Legends is a team-based strategy game. Players work with their team to break the enemy Nexus before the enemy team breaks theirs. This is a complex game which involves both high-level strategy and fast-paced gameplay. Skilled players know how to beat the opponent in front of them, while keeping the macro-elements in mind to support their team to victory. Choose from over 140 champions to make epic plays, secure kills, and take down towers as you battle your way to victory.