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ENT1501 Fundamentals of Changemaking and Social Innovation

This guide contains resources for students in Prof. Lizeth Garcia's ENT1501 course.



This course introduces students to the work of changemaking and the field of social innovation. Students will explore principles of social innovation and social change, while developing the skills to analyze social issues, generate solutions to those issues, and become an effective social change agent. We will cover the following foundational units in ENT1501.


Class Overview

This is an 8 week course beginning March 6, 2023 and ending April 28, 2023. We will meet via Zoom in our virtual classroom on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:40 PM until 8:10 PM. After each class session, you will need to complete a discussion post in Canvas that corresponds to the week's topics, discussions, and activities. You will also complete group work essential to your final grade, but don't worry about that now. Show up to class, engage with curiosity and get inspired! Together, we will discover the fundamentals of changemaking and social innovation. 

I am excited to learn with you!