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STEM + Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Symposium 2022: Social Sciences & Humanities

Social Sciences & Humanities
Gender Expectations in the Odyssey Through a Butterfly's Eyes LGTBQ+ Support and Services in Higher Education: An MDC Pilot
Amanda Anderson Noah Garcia Paola Linares
Amanda Anderson Noah Garcia Paola Linares

Amanda Anderson is a second-year art education major from the  MDC North Campus. She has been entranced by the arts since childhood and uses her creativity to express herself and show others how she views the world around her. Her use of texture helps show the life, experience, and trauma that people carry through their everyday lives. Through art, she wants to inspire her future students not to be afraid to instill change with their artworks. In spring 2022, she was selected to present at the Humanities Edge Undergraduate Research Program a digital painting that depicted her textual analysis of a literary canon.

Noah Garcia is a second-year student currently studying English and Literature at Miami Dade College, Homestead Campus. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, by a single mother Cuban immigrant, Noah became involved in activism at an early age. He is working towards graduating from MDC with his associate degree, eventually to then transfer to a university to pursue his bachelor’s degree. Noah aspires to become a published author, as well as use different artistic mediums to bring awareness to the challenges impacting the world. His goal is to foster change in marginalized communities and to help those in need.

Paola Linares is a second-year student at Miami Dade College majoring in foreign language. She is part of four clubs at MDC's Eduardo J. Padron Campus: MDC Queer Collective, Japanese Manga and Culture Club, Psyche Force, and Meraki Youth. She is also the president of the JCMC, a voter engagement intern at ICED, and loves to volunteer her time with grassroots organizations. She wants to transfer to FIU and aspires to advance her career path toward government or community service.

The Impact of Social Media The Importance of Cultural and Ethnic Diversity in Early Childhood Education Setting the Female Body Ablaze as Political Resistance in Mariana Enríquez’s Short Stories
Edgar Teran Jason Verduga Nicole Viloria
Edgar Teran Jason Verduga Nicole Viloria

Edgar Teran is 21 years old and currently studying film, production, and television at Miami Dade College. He developed his skills in writing, editing, and creating new ideas during the creative process of his documentary “The Impact of Social Media” through the Humanities Edge program. He strongly hopes his project will help raise consciousness about the negative effects of social media.

Jason Verduga is graduating from Miami Dade College with his A.A. in Early Childhood Education. He is currently an afterschool counselor for early childhood students as well as a substitute teacher. Thrilled to pursue his dream career as a teacher, he hopes to educate students to have a better understanding of the ever-changing world, where all students would feel included. As a Latinx LGBTQ+ person, Jason advocates for equality and diversity. Jason spends his free time painting or dancing. Ever since he learned to pick up a crayon as a child, he has had a passion for art. Jason is also a current Florida International University Color guard member. Nicole Viloria is a second-year english literature major in Miami Dade College's Honors College program, aiming to transfer to a Comparative Literature program. As a lover of languages, writing, and reading since her time growing up in Venezuela, she wishes to translate and write novels of her own. She has been published at Padrón Campus’ Digital Commons, Urbana Literary & Arts Magazine, and O’Miami. She weekly tutors English to a Ukrainian student through ENGin Program and trains new volunteers to do the same. She is also the current president of Gamma Eta, the chapter of Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society and co-editor-in-chief of Urbana Literary & Arts magazine.