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STEM + Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Research Symposium 2023: Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences
Peak Ionospheric Height as a Proxy for Global Warming Comparison of Two Procedures for Microplastic Capture and Analysis from Sediment and Water Samples Collection and Analysis of River and Ocean Water and Riverbank and Beach Sediments to Determine Types of Microplastics Present
Rafael Fernandez Johnny Harmon Raelin Kuhn

Born and raised in Lima, Peru, where he graduated with the highest honors from Colegio Maria Reina Marianistas. He was awarded two recognitions of academic excellence: a gold medal and a diploma for completing his academic journey in the top 1% of his class with a 3.92 unweighted GPA. On August 22nd, 2022, Rafael joined The Honors College at Miami Dade College. Ever since, he has met extraordinary mentors, passionate peers, and had once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. As Rafael started his Honors College journey, he was selected by the Honors College Dean to deliver a speech at The Honors College Class of 2024’s induction ceremony. Moreover, he reactivated the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) chapter at his campus, attended the Global Citizenship Alliance (GCA) Seminar in Austria, volunteered as a math tutor at his campus’ STEM Lab, was awarded the Silver PVSA, became a Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) member, conducted research with MDC’s School of Science in the Spring 2023, and became an Honors College Ambassador. His hard work, focus, and commitment allowed him to explore diverse extracurricular activities while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. As of May 2023, he is a rising sophomore and Summer 2023 student researcher at MDC’s School of Science. Soon, he would like to continue his education in a prestigious 4-year institution and contribute to the advancement of technology for the benefit of humanity.

A second-year undergraduate student working on his associates of science through Miami Dade College, North Campus. He plans to further his academics in UF, majoring in chemistry with a focus in forensics. He has gained many useful skills through his work in the chemistry laboratory but aims to further his experience through his field research. These skills would be carried into his graduate degree to later pursue his career as a forensic toxicologist.

Currently enrolled in the Honors College at Miami Dade College where she is majoring in geology with an emphasis on paleontology and archaeology. She is currently working as a Shark PALS chemistry lab assistant in which she helps set up and break down labsas well as check equipment and collects an inventory of supplies and materials. She recently created a poster highlighting museum fossil preparation techniques and has been on several fossil excavations for the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the University of Florida. Along with conducting fieldwork, Raelin enjoys traveling, creating art, and watching movies with her cats.

Analysis of Spatiotemporal Variability of Beach Substrate Temperatures During Sea Turtle Nesting Season in Palm Beach County, FL Peak Ionospheric Height as a Proxy for Global Warming – Confirmation of Trends Transition between a deterministic and a deterministic Chaotic Regime in a group of MHD Fast Oscillations in Solar Radio Emission
Sean Matias Nicolle Pino Angel Ventura Lopez

Sean Matias is a student who graduated from Hialeah Miami Lakes Senior High to pursue a mechanical engineering degree at the Miami Dade Honors College. He has been working as a math tutor at Miami Dade College since September of 2022. He is currently building a rideable, useable roller coaster at Miami Dade College. The roller coaster will be 27 feet tall, 27 mph, 615 feet long, fully made of steel, and entirely designed by him. Sean is partnering with his school’s science, math, and engineering departments to provide financial support for this roller coaster. Financial assistance is also being provided through his campuses PACTS and AISLE grants, which he is doing undergraduate research within addition to the project. Sean is also working closely with Miami Lakes Educational Center and American Engineering for the fabrication of the various parts needed. He has encountered obstacles every step of the way, but his determination to see the project through has led him to bulldoze through whatever issue goes his way. He will eventually go on to build roller coasters globally for theme parks across the planet. In addition to this project, Sean is an active member in his school’s robotics and math clubs and has already received confirmation that he will lead the math club for the 2023-2024 semesters. All in all, Sean Matias is a determined Student who won’t let anything get in the way of his success.

Her second year at Miami Dade College, Homestead Campus in the first class of the Honors College at the campus, completing his AA in Chemistry, hoping to pursue his bachelor’s and continue his education until he obtains his Ph.D. He also has an interest in astronomy, space, Aerospace Engineering, and Materials Engineering.

A passionate student currently studying at Miami Dade College, pursuing an associate degree in computer science. He has a deep love for astronomy, which he has nurtured since childhood, and he continues to be fascinated by the mysteries of the universe. He also has interests in science and technology, he aspires to have a career in the big tech companies that will shape our future. His hard work and academic achievements have earned him a place in the prestigious honor society, PTK. He is an active member of this organization, where he collaborates with like-minded individuals and contributes to the community.