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Accuplacer Next Gen: Accuplacer Writing and Grammar Help

Resource guide for the Accuplacer Next-Gen exam

The important part of the writing portion of the test is the following:

25 multiple choice questions based on 5 different passages

These questions are focused on grammar and sentence revision, along with wondering if the sentence can be improved or not. 

Click below to take a practice test of the Writing section. 

Accuplacer: The Writing Test

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To brush up on your style and grammar skills, click on a topic and read through the quick explanations. Then download a directed learning activity and test yourself. See if you can complete each exercise without looking back at the rules!


Style and Grammar


Article Usage for ESL Learners


Clarity: Get Rid of Nominalizations

Cohesion: Does my Paragraph Flow?

Commas and Colons

Confusing Words



Parallel Structure

Passive Voice

Quotation Marks

Run-on Sentences

Run-on Sentences

  Subject-Verb Agreement

Writing Mechanics