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Accuplacer Next Gen: Test Preparation

Resource guide for the Accuplacer Next-Gen exam

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ACCUplacer Test Outline

  • Reading (25-30 questions)– The reading section of the exam tests your ability to summarize important details and information; determine the meaning of words and phrases in context; determine the authors purpose and how events relate in one text to another; recognizing relationships within and between sentences; distinguishing between facts and opinions.
  • Writing (25-30 questions) – Establishing a topic or thesis; word choice skills; sentence structure skills; conveying complex information in a clear and concise way; grammar, spelling capitalization and punctuation skills; accurately citing data, conclusions and opinions of others.
  • Mathematics (25-30 questions) – The math section of the exam tests you on important concepts: factoring, simplifying, multiplying, dividing, adding and subtracting polynomials; dividing by monomial and binomials. You will also need to have knowledge of the order of operations; exponents; percents and prime numbers.