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West Campus Immersive Experience Lab

West Campus Immersive Experience lab

Resources for Faculty

Our staff partner with faculty members to take creative assignment ideas and make them into memorable experiences that meet learning outcomes. We provide several services for faculty to begin integrating the immersive experience labs into your courses.

HandshakeAssignment Partnerships

The staff at the Immersive Experience Labs will work with you to turn an idea for a creative content project into a training plan for students. The lab will provide resources and support for faculty members and students. The goal is to engage students' creativity so that they can think through a problem in a new way. When faculty integrate project-based learning, students can attain real world problem-solving skills, collaborate with their peers, and immerse themselves in a memorable project that they will be able to share once completed.

Rubrics help lay out specific criteria and performance expectations for student assignments. They serve as both an assessment tool for faculty and a learning tool for students by helping students and instructors stay focused on those expectations. The Immersive Experience Labs can help professors create rubrics that increase transparency in grading; increase efficiency while grading; and support formative assessments.

Icon of figure in front of screen with three studentsWorkshops

The Immersive Experience Labs provide remote and in-person group workshops on the tools and workflows to create multimedia projects. The workshops allow participants to gain familiarity with lab staff, equipment, and the types of products users can produce. The workshops introduce creative concepts, best practices, lab procedures, and software tools.

Workshops are available for all campus community groups. Tell us what you wish to learn, and a date and time that works best using the workshop request form below. For the best outcome, please request workshops early in the semester.

Hand pointing at screen on laptopTechnology Demonstrations

The Immersive Experience Labs provide many resources for users to become familiar with available tools. Aside from the online tutorials provided, scheduled small-group live demos of technology are offered so that users can visit the lab and observe the creative process.

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