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West Campus Immersive Experience Lab

West Campus Immersive Experience lab

Resources for Creators

Our staff is ready to support your creative endeavors. We can assist with creative content project planning, production, and post-production.


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A storyboard is an outlined visual plan for a scene in a film. Whether it is a short film or a full length feature film, creating a storyboard allows everyone involved to visualize every scene during the preproduction process. A storyboard provides many benefits, but perhaps the most important thing it provides is organization. Working on a storyboard will allow you to sequence your scenes and plan accordingly for filming. It will also help maintain a vision when production has ended and you begin to post-production editing.

Beginning your project by creating a storyboard also helps you develop a vision for your film. Doing so will help focus on individual scene details like intended emotion, camera angles/movement/shot size, and scene context. Spending time on storyboards will allow you to maximize your time on-set since you will have an efficient plan for producing each shot.



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Write a Script

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A script, sometimes called a screenplay, is the written text of a movie, play, or show. It is a blueprint for everything seen or heard on screen, including characters, setting, dialogue, and action. The elements of a screenplay are written in a specific format to keep production on time and on budget.

Formatting a Screenplay

Examples of Movie Scripts

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Video Production

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Video production is the process of creating a video from idea to completion. It is generally divided into three phases: pre-production, production, and post-production. The pre-production phase includes planning, researching, budgeting, creating a timeline, storyboarding, and script writing. Once the planning is finished, the production phase includes the recording of the video. The post-production phase is the editing of the video.

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Produce a Podcast

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A podcast is like a radio program but in a digital format that can be downloaded from the Internet. Podcasts can range from scripted shows to improvised recordings. Like video production, podcasting begins with an idea for a show's content, but it is heavily reliant upon good quality audio. Investing in a sensitive microphone and the right software is a must.

Best Podcasts of 2022 or Best Podcasts of 2022 (So Far)

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