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Optimize Instruction with Learning Resources: Partner with a Librarian and Writing Tutor

This guide outlines the levels of service the Learning Resources Department offers to faculty and staff at the MDC Wolfson Campus.

Embedded librarians and embedded writing tutors work closely with teaching faculty in their courses, providing a library and writing tutoring resource to students throughout the entire course.  Librarians collaborate with instructors to assist students with assignments that utilize library resources and answer students’ questions regarding library materials. Writing tutors work with instructors to schedule writing tutoring support for students. This program seeks to create an integrated and sustained collaboration between teaching faculty, librarians, and writing tutors, in the classroom.

Core Services

Services at this level include:

  • Continued Collaboration between Faculty and LR 

  • 2-3 Additional Classroom Visits 

  • Commit to Worktime in Class 

  • Share Class Schedule 

  • Blackboard/Canvas Access for Tutor 

  • Minimum of 4 Tutor Appointments 

  • Classroom Presence as Requested 

  • Schedule Fundamental LR Workshop 








Library Concepts Taught

Library concepts taught at this level include:

  • When to Use Subject Specific Databases 

  • Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sources 

  • Developing Search Terms 

  • Difficult to Search Topics 

  • Citation Assistance 

Writing Tutor Concepts Taught

Writing Tutor concepts taught at this level include: