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Optimize Instruction with Learning Resources: Enhance with Additional Services

This guide outlines the levels of service the Learning Resources Department offers to faculty and staff at the MDC Wolfson Campus.

Learning Resources has the knowledge and expertise to integrate additional services into your classroom including: custom workshops, LibGuide development, and scheduled classroom visitation. Information literacy is introduced as an all-encompassing manner of interaction and development of skill sets that help students become critical thinkers and contributors in the learning process. Teaching students skills to be informed life-long learners as well as enhancing the pedagogical approach. This integration of a librarian and tutor into the course, will enhance the development of the academic content being taught.

Core Services

Services at this level include: 

  • Custom Skillshops 

  • LibGuide Development 

  • 3+ Classroom Visits 

  • Additional Customized Services



Library Concepts Taught

Librarian concepts taught at this level include: 

  • Metacognition 

  • Know Your Sources 

  • Opinion Vs. Informed Research 

  • Annotated Bibliographies 

Tutor Concepts Taught

Tutor concepts taught at this level include:

  • Project Management 

  • Groupwork 

  • Emotional Intelligence 

  • Time Management 

  • Writing a Summary