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State and Local Government: Articles from Databases

How to Find Articles in Databases

  1. Go to the Library's webpage.
  2. Click on Research Tools & Services.
  3. Click on More Databases.
  4. Choose a database by Subject, Type, or Alphabetically. 
  5. Log in with your MDC username and password. 
  6. In the search box, enter your search terms.
  7. Click on Full Text and "Peer Reviewed" (optional).
  8. Press "Enter" or "Search."
  9. Click on any one of your results. Notice the "abstract" (summary) and "full-text article."
  10. Look for the word "Cite or Citation" on the top or side of the article, or scroll down to the bottom to see if the article has a citation.


Great Databases for Getting Started with Research

Click on one of the databases to get started with your research.