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Medical Campus' Mobile Apps: e-Books to Study

Medical Campus Mobile Apps

Learning Resources Mobile Apps - Medical Campus

e-Books Downloaded Right into Your iPad!

MDC Learning Resources wants you to get the most out of your iPad.

Included in library iPads are the Adobe Bluefire Reader app so that you can download and store your borrowed eBooks. On this page, you will find out how to create an Adobe ID, how to find eBook databases on the MDC library website, and how to create your own EBSCO account so that you can download the titles that you find. 

Adobe Bluefire Reader Account ID

Bluefire Reader is the program used to read and store your e-Books on iPad. Books that you download from online will be stored in your Bluefire app library.

You will need a free Adobe ID in order to create your own Bluefire library. You can create an Adobe ID from your iPad or from a desktop. Once you have an Adobe ID you can use it from any device at any time and for any Adobe product. 

To create an Adobe ID from your iPad, click on the Bluefire app in the eBooks folder icon. 

To create an Adobe ID from your Internet browser, visit the Adobe website at

Adobe my account.


Once you have reached the My Adobe Account page, click on Don't have an Adobe ID? to create a new user account.