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Genocide Studies, Homestead Campus

Sample Articles

Dugo, H., & Eisen, J. (2016). Famine, Genocide and Media Control in Ethiopia. Journal of Pan African Studies, 9(10), 334-357.

Dugo, H., & Eisen, J. (2016). Sexual Atrocities as a Tactic of Slow Genocide in Ethiopia: Death by a Thousand Secret Cuts. Journal of Pan African Studies, 9(3), 176-201.

Howard-Hassmann, R. E. (2005). Genocide and State-Induced Famine: Global Ethics and Western Responsibility for Mass Atrocities in Africa. Perspectives on Global Development & Technology, 4(3/4), 487-516. doi:10.1163/156915005775093269

Toggia, P. (2012). The revolutionary endgame of political power: the genealogy of ‘red terror’ in Ethiopia.African Identities, 10(3), 265-280. doi:10.1080/14725843.2012.715455

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