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Genocide Studies, Homestead Campus

Sample Articles

Bjørnlund, M. (2008). The 1914 cleansing of Aegean Greeks as a case of violent Turkification. Journal of Genocide Research, 10(1), 41-58. doi:10.1080/14623520701850286

Adalian, R. P. (2001). Comparative policy and differential practice in the treatment of minorities in wartime: the United States archival evidence on the Armenians and Greeks in the Ottoman Empire. Journal of Genocide Research, 3(1), 31-48. doi:10.1080/14623520120037699

Cooke-Welling, A. (2012). Genocide Is a Neglected Area of Criminological Inquiry. Mediterranean Quarterly, 23(4), 69-82. doi:10.1215/10474552-1895396