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Graphic Novels and Comics: Spotlight On: Will Eisner

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Graphic Novels and Comics

Spotlight On...

Will Eisner

There isn't a comics artist alive who hasn't benefited from Will Eisner's masterful work and formidable wisdom. Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics

The Father of the Graphic Novel

Will Eisner
(1917 - 2005)

"Will Eisner was one of the most innovative and influential creators of comic books and graphic novels. From his earliest work on the newspaper supplement The Spirit, Eisner strove to understand and develop his chosen art form. His career was driven by a canny business sense and by his belief that sequential art (as he preferred to call comic books and graphic novels) is a valid medium of artistic expression that deserves wider acceptance and respect." (Source: Newsmakers)

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Masterful Work

Formidable Wisdom

Scholarly Analysis

Remembering Will Eisner