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LIS2004 Strategies for Online Research | Prof. Machado Dillon

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Machado Dillon's LIS2004 course.

LIS2004 Course Outline

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Syllabus, Outline, and Personal Introductions 

  • Post to the Student Introductions discussion forum on Blackboard

Lesson 1 Information Has Value

  • This lesson is all about plagiarism and how to avoid it. 

Lesson 2 Information Creation as a Process

  • Here we'll discuss how information comes about and you will ponder your place in the information cycle. 

Lesson 3 Searching as Strategic Exploration:  

  • You will come up with a topic of your choice...make sure it's one you like because you'll use it for all the assignments.  You'll develop a thesis from that topic and work on keywords and phrases. 

Lesson 4 Authority is Constructed and Contextual

  • Here we'll go through searching the interwebs for information. get to use Google! BUT you get to learn how to evaluate what you find. 

Lesson 5 Research as Inquiry

  • We used Google last time, so this time around you will use the library databases.  

Lesson 6 Scholarship as Conversation

  • This one is all about citations...the why and how of MLA and APA. 
Course Project

The course project consists of an annotated list of sources of information on a single topic of interest. The list of citations must be presented in MLA citation format. Annotations must contain an evaluation of the Internet resource. Resources may include World Wide Web pages, Internet journal or newspaper articles, or discussion group postings.

See the Course Project page for sample citations and annotations.