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LIS2004 Strategies for Online Research | Prof. Machado Dillon

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Machado Dillon's LIS2004 course.

LIS2004 Project


Final Course Project: Annotated Bibliography

Construct an annotated bibliography using five sources which support your topic and thesis statement/research question. The annotated bibliography will consist of accurate and complete citations in MLA style for each source with an annotation describing why the source is suitable and relevant. The annotated bibliography should adhere to the formatting standards for the style guide used.

  1. Include your topic and thesis statement/research question.
  2. Select five different sources that you think provide the most authoritative information about your topic and support or refute your thesis statement/research question. Three of your sources (or at least two) can be the articles from the Miami Dade College Library databases which you already found. The remaining two sources may be the ones you found on the Web. You can select other sources so long as at minimum three are from Miami Dade College Library collection (database journal articles, ebooks).
  3. Use the CRAAP or RADAR evaluation method covered in Lesson 5, and what you've learned about evaluating sources in this course to evaluate the sources you have selected. Use the information in Lesson 6 to construct citations for each source in Word. Pay close attention to the proper placement of punctuation and italics. You will lose points if your material is not cited properly. Use the resources available to you wisely. There is an MLA Style LibGuide as well as the MLA Style CenterPurdue OWL, and librarians at your disposal.
  4. Beneath each citation, include an annotation describing the source. The annotation should provide a summary of the source, including what was investigated or presented and what are the main points, finding, or claims made by the author(s), information regarding the source's relevance to your thesis statement/research question, what questions does it answer about your topic or which of your points does it support, your evaluation of the source (using CRAAP or RADAR), and your search strategy, which browser/database you selected and keywords and limiters used.

**Please see the Literature Review activity from Module 4 for a visual breakdown of what to include in your annotation.

**Your annotation will be as long (or short) as necessary to answer each of the four questions and provide the required information.

  1. Use the examples in Project Samples below as a general guideline for completing your project.
  2. Pay attention to grammar, punctuation and spelling when writing your annotations. Writing tutors are available and ready to help you, simply head over to the Writing Tutoring page to meet with a tutor.

Sample Annotated Bibliography

Click on the documents below to see examples of annotated bibliographies in MLA format. These are only examples and do not contain everything that is being required for your Final Project. Refer back to your assignment guidelines throughout your time working on this project to ensure all requirements are met.

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. No biggie... you can click here to download the PDF file.

It appears you don't have a PDF plugin for this browser. No biggie... you can click here to download the PDF file.