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LIS2004 Strategies for Online Research | Prof. Machado Dillon

This guide contains resources for students of Prof. Machado Dillon's LIS2004 course.

LIS2004 Strategies for Online Research by Prof. Christina Machado Dillon

drawing of boy reading Animal Farm by George Orwell

Concepts to Further Your Critical Thinking

 This selection of videos and topics will take you through history and ideas, where we'll confront the past and examine their impact on the present. The topic of Information Literacy and the resources found within this page are intended to equip you with essential tools to become a discerning and well-informed individual, capable of navigating the ever-changing landscape of information with confidence and critical thinking.

Happy viewing (and future reading)...

George Orwell's prophetic novel 1984 introduced us to a nightmarish vision of an Orwellian society dominated by surveillance, propaganda, and thought control. Think on how Orwellian concepts infiltrate our modern digital age and the importance of learning to navigate the complexities of information in an era of privacy concerns and surveillance.


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Journey back to the 1950s, a time when fear of communism gripped the United States. Explore the rise of Senator Joseph McCarthy and the witch-hunt for suspected communists, the consequences of blacklisting, and the impact it had on American society. Learn how the lessons from McCarthyism remain relevant as we examine modern-day issues surrounding freedom of speech and political ideologies.

Unravel the enigmatic world of Machiavellianism, named after the cunning philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli who revolutionized political philosophy. This complex concept, which revolves around the art of gaining and maintaining power through manipulation and strategic deception may not be all it seems. This video will challenge your perception of this concept as well as of leadership and ethics, urging you to think critically about the role of Machiavellian tactics in contemporary politics and corporate environments. It will also lead you to question, whether his writing of The Prince was an effort to enlighten the people regarding these tactics. Before his death, Machiavelli wrote that he hoped people would "learn the way to Hell in order to flee from it."


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