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Resources for MDC LibGuide Authors: Level Up Your LibGuides


Level Up Your LibGuides

MDC LibGuide authors share tips and best practices in this ongoing webinar series.

ADA Compliance | LibWizard | Coding Basics | Widgets

Upcoming "Level Up" Webinars

Understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & LibGuides
Presented by Patrick Jean-Philippe

Thursday, June 20, 2024
12:00 p.m.
Zoom Link

Springshare Webinars

See the Springshare Event Calendar for upcoming webinars or watch recorded webinars any time.

ADA Compliance: Part 1
An overview of the most important accessibility issues to keep in mind
when creating and editing LibGuides.


ADA Compliance Part 2
Screen readers, color contrast checkers, best practices for design,
remediating Word documents, and more.

LibGuide Beta Features
A sneak preview of the new A-Z Database List and new blogging features
(to be implemented in fall, 2025).


Introduction to LibWizard
An introduction to building surveys and quizzes, plus examples
of how LibWizard is being used at MDC.


LibWizard Escape Rooms
Dr. Evelyn Falcon (Hialeah Campus Assistant Dean of Student Services)
shows us how to create a fun and engaging escape room that
combines LibWizard with freely available puzzles and tools.

For links mentioned in the session, see the Chat Transcript.


Coding Basics Part 1
Tips and tricks for adding HTML and CSS code to LibGuides.
Includes advice for testing your code, creating buttons,
formatting tables, making images mobile responsive, and more!


Coding Basics Part 2
Tips for formatting iframes, modals, and anchors,
and for using the inspector to troubleshoot issues.


Tips for creating, re-using, and embedding widgets, including
PDF viewers, comment boxes, Primo VE search boxes, and more.
Also demonstrates the code snipping tool.