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About This Website


Welcome LibGuide Authors!

This internal guide provides MDC LibGuide authors with guidelines and tools for using our LibGuide system.

Clarification of Terms


The collective term for LibGuides, LibWizard, and Springshare's other products.

LibGuide administrator:

A person with the ability to create or delete LibGuide accounts, change system settings, and edit or delete any content within an institution's LibGuide system.

​LibGuide editor:

A person who has been given the ability to edit (but not to delete) a specific LibGuide. At MDC, editing rights are granted at the discretion of the LibGuide owner.

​LibGuide owner:

The person responsible for maintaining a specific LibGuide. Typically, the owner is the person who created the guide, but ownership of a guide can be transferred to someone else. LibGuide owners have the ability to delete the guides they own. There is no such thing as a "co-owner." A LibGuide has only one owner, but may have one or more (or zero) editors.


The LibApp for creating forms, surveys, quizzes, and tutorials. If you have a LibGuide account, you may or may not also have a LibWizard account. Learning Resources employees may contact Erick Dominicis or Jenny Saxton for access to LibWizard.


The company that provides the LibApps platform.


Springshare Support

LibGuide Tips

Be sure to subscribe to the LibGuide Tips Blog for LibGuide and LibWizard tips and announcements!

Also, check out our webinar series, Level Up Your LibGuides, for tips and best practices shared by your MDC colleagues.

Web Accessibility


LibGuide Analytics

See usage statistics and page views with this Google Analytics dashboard created by Angel Hernandez.

Mango to Primo Conversion

Do your LibGuides still have links that are pointing to Mango? Use this handy conversion tool.

If you need to replace embedded Mango search boxes, visit the Box Boutique for a selection of Primo search boxes you can copy into your guides.


More Resources


LibApps Administrators:

LibGuide Work Group:

  • Maria Casado - North
  • Carla Clark - Medical
  • Erick Dominicis - Padrón
  • Isabel Duque - Padrón
  • Marta Frydman - Wolfson
  • Lizeth Garcia - Homestead
  • Adria Leal - Wolfson
  • Christina Machado Dillon - Hialeah
  • Jenny Saxton (chairperson) - Kendall


This LibGuide was created and is maintained by
Jenny Saxton

Questions and comments are welcome.