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This guide will provide research and resources to support students enrolled in EVR 1001 and SPC 2608 learning community.


Biodiversity refers to the variety and variability of life forms within a given ecosystem, including the diversity of species, genes, and ecosystems. It encompasses the rich array of plants, animals, microorganisms, and the interactions between them, contributing to the overall health and stability of Earth's environments. Biodiversity is crucial for ecosystem resilience, sustainability, and the many benefits it provides to human societies.


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Biodiversity Podcasts

Episode Description

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity summit, currently taking place in Montreal Canada, intends to develop ways of reducing the global loss of biological diversity by drawing up a series of international commitments to help humanity to live more harmoniously with nature. The scientific evidence paints a grim picture of species decline and extinction, pollution, and destruction of natural habitats. The aim of the meeting is to find ways to stop and even reverse such decline. We meet leading figures involved in the negotiations.

Episode Description

In today’s episode for 31st July 2023, we give you a primer on the Biodiversity Amendment Bill.

Episode Description

In this week’s How on Earth, we focus on how cities can foster biodiversity in an effort to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Episode Description:

Much of our environment is at risk from more than Climate Change. It is at risk from human activity damaging biodiversity, and in some cases driving parts of it to extinction. Who cares and who is responsible? Well increasingly governments care and shareholders care and those who lead major corporations may be at risk if they don't recognise their actions or the actions of their organisations are damaging biodiversity. That brings us to this week’s interview.

Episode Description

Conservation starts with community! This week I speak with biodiversity conservation expert, Dr. Teri Allendorff, about community-led models for fostering conservation of natural resources in different sites across the globe.

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