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This guide will provide research and resources to support students enrolled in EVR 1001 and SPC 2608 learning community.

Forest Management & Protected Areas

Forest management and protected areas are intertwined in addressing climate change, as proper management can enhance carbon sequestration and biodiversity conservation. Protected areas play a vital role in preserving intact forests that act as carbon sinks and promote ecosystem resilience. Effective forest management within and outside protected areas is essential for mitigating climate change impacts, maintaining healthy ecosystems, and ensuring sustainable resource use.


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Forest Management and Protected Areas Podcasts

Global demand for palm oil has resulted in huge expansion of the palm plantations needed to produce it, causing widespread tropical deforestation and species loss. To address this, researchers planted islands of native trees among the palms in a large plantation, and showed that this approach increases ecosystem health, without affecting crop yields. The team say that while protecting existing tropical rainforests should remain a priority, tree islands represent a promising way to restore ecosystems.

Andrew Latimer joins the podcast today to discuss his work as a professor in the Department of Plant Sciences at UC Davis. Andrew is here to address responses to fire and drought in California, and educate us on the intricacies of forest environments.

Joe & Korey sit down with Eric Olson, Consulting Forester and Owner of Legacy Forest Management, based in Wisconsin. Learn about what is involved with being a procurement forester, managing forests for habitat, recreation, and timber sales. Eric brings his many years of experience and expertise in this conversation about traditional forestry in Wisconsin!

A British company has claimed that the production and use of toilet paper is responsible for 15% of deforestation globally. We investigate the claim and ask what the true environmental cost of toilet paper is. Charlotte McDonald talks to climate change scientist Professor Mary Gagen, chief adviser on forests to the World Wide Fund for Nature, the WWF.

Brazil's president-elect, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is renewing calls to protect the Amazon and reign in the deforestation. Climate scientists are encouraged but so far there aren't a lot of specifics of how this might happen. NPR's Kirk Siegler traveled to a remote Amazonian research station that is also threatened by illegal logging and talks to host Aaron Scott about his trip.

Forests and savannahs provide a wide variety of ecosystem services. They provide food and fuel. Additionally, they clean the air, filter water, and control floods, and erosion, while sustaining biodiversity. However, over the years human beings have plundered the earth prioritizing development needs over the environment. Kenya’s Olo0lua forest an urban forest located about half an hour’s drive from Kenya’s international airport has seen years of plunder as Nairobi residents quarried stones in the quest to develop the city. As climate change bites, how has Oloolua forest’s biodiversity changed? How has the once cooler neighborhood changed? What are the communities doing to protect the remaining forest?

Indigenous people play an important role in protecting the environment. The tribals  or adivasis as they are called in India depend on the forest for their survival. They have developed sustainable practices that preserve natural resources. Indigenous people are also increasingly being recognized as key partners in conservation efforts and are being included in decision-making processes related to natural resource management. But contrarily in India, many tribals are still being jailed and are being harassed says the report "Wildlife Policing- The reign of criminilization in the forests of Madhya Pradesh " by Criminal justice and police accountability project.

Learn about the importance of forests and how forests are managed in this week's episode. Casey and Sara discuss sustainable forestry certification systems, the idea of greenwashing, and how we can make more sustainable choices with our paper products. 

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