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Information Literacy
Teaching Information Literacy

You can help your students develop effective research skills, information literacy, in the following ways:

  • Embed a librarian in your class
  • Require appointments with librarians.
  • Develop challenging research assignments with a librarian's help.
  • Develop a LibGuide tailored to your class.
  • Link LIS1001 or LIS2004 to your course as a Learning Community.

Advertise and use the MDC Learning Resources Facebook page.

Request a class session and speak to a librarian about developing assignments, creating a LibGuide, or having someone embedded in your course by contacting your campus library.

Requesting Information Literacy Instruction
Faculty Support at LR
Designing Research Assignments

You can probably think of several assignments that require students to conduct research related to what they are studying in class.

You might, for example, ask students to access literary criticism, book reviews, or biography articles on a particular author or work of literature.

Whatever the activity, you'll want to be aware of best practices for incorporating information literacy into the assignments you create. Below are links to a few helpful websites.