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Games & Gaming at Learning Resources: Faire Game: Tabletop & Card Open-Gaming

Repository of resources on developing a games collection, gamifying instructions, and planning gaming events, such as International Games Week, a MDC Learning Resources Signature Event.

Games and gaming at the library

Tabletop Gaming

Caitlin Richardson, Hialeah Campus

Board Gaming

Mario Kart Study Guide

Leslie Bofill & Pamela Suguimitzu, Padron Campus

Looking for ways to reinforce learning in a new and engaging way? Gamification uses features of game play, such as scoring, teams, and competition into the learning space. You can bring interaction and cultivate connections among your students by using easy to design “board” games using resources you already have. Mario Kart is one example of how quickly, and inexpensively, content can be turned into an educational board game that will encourage group learning while being entertaining. With multiple choice and quick answer questions that can be easily adapted to any discipline to review content and serve as a captivating study guide, Mario Kart can be a valuable supplemental tool to engage students in the learning process at various learning resources areas while achieving learning outcomes such as group cohesiveness and collaboration, connections with the content, and entertainment with easy-to-access materials.

Let's Play Mario Kart: A Review Game

Critical Thinking Through Chess

Felix Monterrey, West Campus

Card Gaming