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PBL Toolkit: Webinars, Conferences & Events

Webinars, Conferences & Events


Making Project-Based Learning Work in an Online Curriculum: A Panel Discussion

Terri C. Albert, Ph. D, Founder and CEO, Fresh Set of Eyes, Dr. Michellana Y. Jester, Lecturer in the Global Economics and Management Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management, Alan D. MacCormack, Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Using PBL in online classes is highlighted. 

PBLWorks Workshop & Course Calendar

Online workshops offered by the Buck Institute for Education that are designed for educators who are new to PBL and those who are ready to delve deeper into role-specific and advanced workshops.

Right Question Institute (RQI) Events

The Right Question Institute (RQI) is a nonprofit educational organization offering a simple, powerful strategy that builds people’s skills to ask better questions, participate in decisions that affect them, advocate for themselves, and partner with service providers.

WPI Webinar Series: Parts 1 - 3