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PBL Toolkit: Course/Project (Re)Design

Course/Project (Re)Design

Interdisciplinary PBL: Courses

Overall Course Design

Sharing Public Products: Presentation Tools

  • Adobe – Students can create professional looking webpages and presentations about their PBL projects with Express; they can create media campaigns and flyers with Express as part of the public products, and/or students can share their work by creating videos using Express.
  • Canva - Students can design just about anything with Canva, and it will look professional. And it is free!
  • Flip Grid - Students can use Flip Grid to share their PBL public products by walking through what they learned and what they created on video. Peers in the class compose video responses, providing positive feedback on the work completed.
  • Google Slides – Similar to PowerPoint, students can create and work collaboratively on their PBL public products/presentations in Google Slides and share easily be sending links to professors.
  • Powerpoint – The classic presentation tool – students are familiar with it and can work collaboratively on their PBL presentations/public products if they use Powerpoint in Teams.
  • Powerpoint Research PostersClick here for Powerpoint research posters templates student can use to share their public product.  Students can use Powerpoint to create professional research posters to display on MDC Commons, at MDC symposiums, and professional conferences.
  • Prezi - With Prezi, students can create moving, zooming public products that grab attention and keep it. Prezi offers video and design tools as well. 
  • Sway – With Microsoft Sway, students can easily create professional looking public products like presentations and web pages.
  • Zoho Show - Students can design  and collaborate on professional looking public products with Zoho Show.

Flip Book Makers

  • Flipsnack -  With Flipsnack students can create and share their public products by transforming their PDFs into online flipbooks.
  • Yumpu  Students can use Yumpu to publish their public products as flipbooks, magazines, newspapers, e-zines,  and brochures.
  • Simplebooklet - Students can make digital content from their slides, portfolios, brochures, or pamphlets with Simplebooklet

Ideas for Sharing Student Work

  • MDC Commons
  • MDC LibGuides
  • MDC Symposiums:
    • Virtual GSELS Projects Showcase
    • Student Interdisciplinary Symposium hosted by Hialeah Campus
    • Excellence Across the Curriculum: Student Symposium and Showcase hosted by North Campus
  • Department and Discipline Discussions
  • Professional Development Day
  • Conferences: State and National