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Law Center - Paralegal Studies - Library Resources: Overview of Collection

This lib guide is created for the development of the collection material for the paralegal program

Library Liaison Contact Information


NAME:  Adria Leal, Faculty Librarian

Link to librarians and library resources available online: 


Overview of Library Liaison Approach

Discipline Faculty Contact: 

Professor Mercedes Medina, J.D.

Library liaisons work closely with the Discipline to make sure that the faculty are given the opportunity to select materials and services that best fit the needs of the curriculum.  Each liaison works in a college-wide capacity.


Overview of the Law Collection



At Miami Dade College, the paralegal students and faculty have access to:

  • Hundreds of  eBooks in the field of law and paralegal studies
  • Databases with relevant content
  • Thousands of Reference and Circulating print titles
  • An information literacy program that includes embedded librarians and tutors 

Each tab within this guide provides an overview of the paralegal resources available to the MDC community with information about various types of material and formats that make up the current collection and resources.  Working with the library liaison, faculty within the discipline now have the information they need to create an up-to-date instructional program. 

Libraries are rapidly changing environments.  For this reason, an overview is provided for each type of information collected by the College so that faculty can make the most informed choice about what resources to use in the classroom.

Regardless of the format, information in the following subjects are collected to support the students:

  • paralegal
  • legal research
  • law
  • legal studies


Searching the Library stacks


The MDC Libraries use the Library of Congress classification system to catalog and organize the library books. The Library of Congress Classification system is widely used in academic libraries around the world.  

K is the call number range for law

K--Law in General

      K 85-89-- Legal Research (General)

KF 1-9827-- Law of the US (Federal) 

KF 320-- Paralegal Studies

KFF-- Florida Law